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Who are we?

Do Your Planet a Solid® strives to take the heaviness out of sustainability, make it lighter and feel more attainable.  We are starting with the word SUSTē. It’s light, achievable and adds a little more sustainability to our daily lives.

As a brand it can take time to really understand who you are. Over the last few months we have gotten to know ourselves and what Do Your Planet a Solid® stands for. 

We believe that sustainability is 4 equal parts, social, human, environmental, and economic. It is equally as important to have a positive impact on our social systems as it is to be kind to your neighbor, to be good to nature, and to be a good employer/employee. All four parts create a holistic path to sustainability and lead us to a better future. 

Sustainability can be a heavy word.  It can seem too big to tackle and at times feel full of judgment. Figuring out how we can possibly be more sustainable in our daily lives and make an impact on the world can feel overwhelming. Maybe you have even thought how your individual contributions really make a difference.

Do Your Plant a Solid® is here to tell you THEY DO!  If we all do a little bit better each day, we can make a big difference and create a more sustainable community for us and for nature.  We have a pay-it-forward way of thinking! If I help a neighbor out, that neighbor is more inclined to help another neighbor or community member.  If I donate time or items that I don’t need any longer to a shelter or non-profit in need, I'm helping to make a community member in need feel supported, and that in turn sparks change. If employers have systems in place to support all aspects of an employees’ needs (mental health, physical health, family time, workplace positivity) they are creating employees who are thriving and have employment fulfillment which in turn creates sustainability in their household and the company as a whole. If I make small changes in the products I use that are better for the earth, or pick up trash along a walk or plant more pollinator friendly plants in my yard, I’m making small changes to better the planet.  If we all do small bits within the 4 pillars of sustainability, we make a world of change.  

Sustainability Simplified, SUSTē products launching soon, keep an eye out for email alerts and launch date.